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About Us

MPS, as a responsible organisation, believes in the value of education and risk management. It is an integral part of the development of every healthcare professional.

MPS has a wealth of experience and expertise in helping doctors and other healthcare professionals with ethical and legal problems that arise from their practice. This provides a unique insight into the reasons why things go wrong and also into why complaints and litigation occur.

By providing education and risk management to doctors, dentists and other healthcare professionals, we believe that this will improve the knowledge and skills of those professionals, thereby reducing the risk of litigation and complaints. By doing so, we also contribute to safer practice and better patient safety with the clear aim of helping reduce avoidable harm to patients.

Our educational programmes are based on over a hundred years’ experience and expertise in this field, and include courses and other educational programmes on:

  • Clinical risk management

  • Practice systems and processes

  • Communication and interpersonal skills

  • Professionalism and ethics

  • Medicolegal issues.

One of the features of many complaints and claims against healthcare professionals is that of poor communication. In 2007, MPS acquired Cognitive Institute Australia, a specialist provider of communication skills and risk management training to healthcare professionals throughout the world. Their widely acclaimed courses form a key part of the courses currently offered by MPS. 

To find out more about MPS Education and Risk Management, download a copy of our brochure.